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ITG Innovative

We build new and adapt existing technologies to facilitate enterprise, production, and automation.

ITG provides custom solutions and services to a broad group of businesses inside and outside of US territory. ITG is able to provide innovative solutions based on experience and industry standards.

Our Services

Products and Divisions

ITG Innovative Group is your ideal provider and consulting company for your Technological Transformation. We are your preference SOLUTIONS PROVIDER and our brands your principal supports.

Sytems Sales Consulting

To ensure a consistent sales activity level throughout the organisation and to activate and attract customers, we offer our suppliers numerous services and the deepest know-how in the business.

LifeScience & HealthCare 

Comprehensive custom solutions including supply, installation and maintenance of complex scientific and research laboratory equipment

Industrial Computing & Parts

The breadth of brands and stock available drives a traffic unlike any other player in distribution. ITG Innovative delivers exceptional customer experience by offering a strong lineup of leading Professional brands,

Surveillance & Security

At ITG Innovative Security division, our core values are long-term cooperation and good businessmanship. We must act together for usable solutions with fast delivery at the lowest possible price. Go to Surveillance & Security

Solar Energy Products

Green Energy Prices and Suppliers, Reduce your electricity bills, Prepare for unexpected outages, Help the environment

Automation & Controls.

ITG maximizes the profitability and security of our clients' assets, our division gives our clients access to the most important brands in the industry.


“The guys at ITG have been very helpful in response to our reliability Siemens Health monitoring needs..”

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates

Our Approach

We as a team, bring in the skills and expertise of a dedicated team of  experts technologies and branding . Our in-depth knowledge of advanced technology and industry best practices, we will provide the optimal cost-effective solutions to your enterprise.

Our Clients

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